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The Library of Anglo-American Culture & History provides comprehensive access to books, journals and digital media on the language, literature and history of Great Britain, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Canada.

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New Service: Literature Requests and Digitisation on Demand

For your academic work you might need books or articles which are currently not accessible via the established German document delivery services or you might have to use databases which your home institution does not subscribe to. In such cases, please contact the Library of Anglo-American Culture (FID AAC)! We provide you with books, articles and periodicals and coordinate licensing efforts for bibliographic and full text databases within the research community.

We also offer a digitisation service for printed materials which are in the public domain in Germany (published before 1900 and orphan works) and are part of the collections of Göttingen State and University Library or the Library of the English Department of Göttingen University.

This service is open to all interested researchers and students. 

Please send us your requests by filling in the respective forms:

The Library of Anglo-American Culture & History serves as a web portal for the FID Anglo-American Cutlture and the former Special Subject Collection Anglo-American Cultural Area maintained by Göttingen State and University Library. Its metasearch engine includes the library’s catalogue, bibliographic databases, subject catalogues of scholarly websites and full-text databases. Clicking on a search result will either grant you direct access to a digital copy or give you the option to order the item via subito or the interlibrary loan service of the Northern German library network (GBV) [more information]. The site also offers subject searches for Language & Literature and History, respectively.

New Acquisitions offers various options to stay informed about newly acquired books. Databases serves as a springboard to the most relevant subject databases.

The special subject collection on language & literature, history and politics of the Anglo-American area is operated by Göttingen State and University Library with funding by the German Research Foundation (DFG). The special subject collection North American Newspapers is operated by the library of the John F. Kennedy-Institute of the Free University of Berlin.

Further partners are Clio-Online and the German Information Network International Relations and Area Studies (for the database World Affairs Online).